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Our Mission

Culture Gaspésie represents the interests of the cultural community and promotes the art and cultural development on its territory. It brings together key cultural influencers and provides services to cultural actors while considering all artistic fields.

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Our services

How can we help?

We offer a wide range of services to artists and organisations located in Gaspésie.

Cultural Development
We offer free counseling to our members in the following tasks:

  • Artistic professionals’ résumé preparation
  • Artistic files creation and analysis
  • Grant application
  • Organizational development
  • Financial support research
  • Available resources identification
  • Document proofreading

Continuing education
We offer a various range of professional trainings, including group workshops and advanced training for individuals.


  • Broadcasting members’ activities and projects on Culture Gaspésie’s website as well as on its social network pages such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Informing members via monthly newsletters
  • Helping with all types of social media concerns

We offer free counseling to our members (artists and organizations) in the following tasks:

  • Offering guidance on digital strategies, including marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Helping or supporting throughout the implementation of digital technologies into methods or practices
  • Giving advice on digital technology

Become a member

Join Gaspésie’s largest artistic community

  • Being part of a dynamic network that works to develop and promote arts and culture in Gaspésie.
  • Receive free customized support and advice for projects, grant applications, career development, etc.
  • Benefit from Culture Gaspésie’s communication tools and network to promote your activities: website, social networks, newsletter, etc.
  • Stay informed of news (calls for proposals, grants, job offers, etc.) and issues related to arts and culture.
  • Have the opportunity to sit on the board of directors and to vote at the annual general meeting.

Our Team

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Céline Breton

Managing Director
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Élise Bujold

Administrative Assistant
Femme au chandail fleuri

Jessica Barriault

Training and Mobilization Officer
Marie-Noëlle Dion

Marie-Noëlle Dion

Communications Officer
Femme souriante 20 aine

Jessie Blaquière

Cultural Development Officer
Femme au chandail rayé bleu

Emie Gravel

Digital Cultural Development Officer